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Anita Di Bianco New York


Born 1970 in New York, lives in New York. 1997 Master of Fine Arts, Rutgers University, New Jersey, U.S.; 2000-2001 fellowship at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam. Di Bianco works with film, video and print media, with re-appropriations, re-workings, re-stagings and re-tellings of familiar and oft-quoted histories, literary and cinematic characters, half-real and half-symbolic events. As a means of intentional re-circulation as well as critique, as a means of diagramming the submerged structures behind events and ways of telling them, her quotations of Genet’s "Les Bonnes", Yourcenar’s "Denier du rêve", Dreyer’s "La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc", Scorcese’s "Taxi Driver", propose a dialogue both with the historical references of the original texts and films as well as with the dynamics of power and representation invoked by various artists’ re-makes of the same materials.

The fifth edition of her newspaper "Corrections and Clarifications" is available at the conference and online at <br>

<h5>Selected Projects</h5>

"Corrections and Clarifications", newspaper, 5 editions, published for different venues, a.o.: Unpacking Europe, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, 2001; Public Affairs, Kunsthaus Zürich, 2002 <br>

"Outside of a dog", Baltic Art Centre, Gateshead, United Kingdom, 2003 <br>

"Rooseum Universal Studios / ‘Sleep With Me’", Rooseum, Malmö, Sweden, 2003<br>

"Clear the line, I’m sending myself right now", Pictura, Dordrecht, Netherlands, 2004<br>

"Romantic Detachment", PS 1, New York, 2004<br>

"Black, White, and 'red' all over", The Storefront, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2004<br>

"Social Affairs!", Ministry of Social Affairs, The Hague, Netherlands, 2004<br>

"Women in the Director’s Chair", film tour, various U.S. venues, 2004<br>

<h5>Selected Publications</h5>

"Ephemera", in: Umbrella, Vol 26, no 1, May 2003<br>

"Art public: une cause passee", in: La Liberte, October 5 2002<br>

"Eleganz fur arme Poeten. Public Affairs im Kunsthaus Zürich", in: Neue Züricher Zeitung, September 13 2002<br>

"Auf dem Schrottplatz der Utopien", in: Frankfurter Allgemeine, November 8 2002<br>

"Amerikaanse kunstenaars", Nederlands Akademie, in: Vrij Nederland, Vol 7, no 27, January 2001<br>