Additional Events

17.01.-21.01.2005, 12.00 a.m.-18.00 p.m.

The workshops session starts with a collective meeting among the registered participants and the artists and groups leading the three different workshops:
Centro Social - Casa de Iniciativas 1.5 (Malaga), Fiambrera Obrera/Yomango (Spain), Grupo de Arte Callejero (Buenos Aires), Deborah Kelly (Sydney), Yes Men (New York).
The first collective meeting will take place on Monday January 17 in the spaces of the Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 3, 10997 Berlin, 12.00 pm.
After short presentations and discussions on the issues and the aims of the workshops, three workgroups will be created and will move to the different working locations (Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Clubraum Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Universität der Künste).


Workshop with Fiambrera Obrera/Yomango (Spain) Deborah Kelly (Sydney), and the Yes Men (New York)

Deborah Kelly: "In the Klartext! workshop, I am happy to show some work I've been part of, and discuss how it has been used. But I imagine that the workshop is really, more importantly, to give the participants a productive framework for thinking together, figuring out our complementary skills and what we can exchange... We need to get hold of the themes of place and moment- what makes sense in Berlin in January 2005? Which rhetorics hide what?"
Among the workshop topics, to be developed during the sessions with the participants: common production of active imaginary: analysis and discussion of former activism campaigns such as, Mundos Soñados; migration and everyday antiracism, actions against detention centres, anti-deportation alliances; getting to know the enemy, the Yes Men; Bordergames (videogames as communication platforms); civil disobedience campaigns; shopping disobedience; antiglobalization and everyday political economics…

The workshop will be held in English; knowledge of Spanish is helpful.


Workshop with Fiambrera Obrera/Yomango (Spain), Centro Social - Casa de Iniciativas 1.5 (Malaga)

Centro Social - Casa de Iniciativas 1.5: "In a large number of European cities, the subjective figures of labour, social and existential precariousness are making their untimely appearance, with new presentation forms and languages, that seem to turn the stigma and psychological pain of precarious existence upside down.
Among the workshop topics, to be developed during the sessions with the participants: contemporary labour struggles and precarity issues; Mayday05, April 2 (European day of action for the freedom of movement); San Precario,,,; YMNG Libro Rojo and Libro Morao; Forum; tools of "biounionism": precariousness offices, research-action initiatives, workers laboratories; Precarias a la deriva; Okupasa, rethinking squatting as a mass market strategy; tools for precariousness visibility and common spaces between migrants and European precarious workers…

The workshop will be held in English; knowledge of Spanish is helpful.


Workshop with Grupo de Arte Callejero (Buenos Aires) in cooperation with Freie Klasse/Udk Berlin

Grupo de Arte Callejero: "The Grupo de Arte Callejero considers the Political as practice and not as a subject of representation. We do not make any distinction between art and activism: our practice is rooted in the cooperation with others."
In their workshop GAC and Freie Klasse will share some experiences of intervention and their specific context with the participants, in order to discuss possible actions and create useful tools to face problems and issues considered as politically relevant by the workshop participants.

The workshop will be held in English; knowledge of Spanish is helpful.

The workshop will be held in English; knowledge of Spanish is helpful.

Centro Social - Casa de Iniciativas 1.5, Málaga

Since 1998, the Centro Social - Casa de Iniciativas in Málaga is functioning as a space where creativity, disobedience, self-organization, research and action get together. In the Casa de Iniciativas activities, there is a special focus on the new composition of labor, post-nationality and the encounter between freedom of movement and freedom of communication. Among the initiated projects, there are cooperatives, radios, spaces of "bio-unionism", workshops, a "precarity -bar", social networks, projects of action-research.
Fiambrera Obrera/Yomango, Spain

The Spanish group Fiambrera Obrera/Yomango excels particularly at interventions and actions in public spaces. The loosely organized group, which operates in the various major cities of Spain, mainly takes up local disturbances and tries to draw attention to them with often-humorous actions. The group is actively involved in a group of projects and actions, such as "Yomango", "Bordergames" or "SCCPP" (Sabotaje contra el Capital pasándoselo Pipa), which roughly means, "Sabotage against the Capital while having a great time."
Freie Klasse/Universität der Künste Berlin

The Freie Klasse Project started in 1989 with Students from the Berlin University of Arts arranging their education autonomously, as an alternative to the regular class system. Organizing seminars, discussions and exhibitions the Freie Klasse became known for its ambition to establish a collaborative and political approach towards art practice amid a highly academic surrounding.
Grupo de Arte Callejero, Buenos Aires

Since 1997 the Grupo de Arte Callejero has realized interventions in public spaces in Buenos Aires. For example the group designs road signs and posters and alters logos that mark specific instances of repression right on the spot. These objects are just tools for different collective actions that try to create social bonds and challenge hegemonic normalization.
Deborah Kelly, Sydney

Deborah Kelly has been making socially engaged artwork since 1983. Her projects seek to implicate broad audiences in the discourses of local histories, and to intervene in the representation of place and power. Recent collaborative projects have included, civil disobedience actions concerning refugees, mass actions on Aboriginal Land Rights, and the public art project with Tina Fiveash "Hey, hetero!".
Yes Men New York

The Yes Men are a group of anti-corporate activists who gained worldwide notoriety for impersonating World Trade Organization spokesmen on TV and at business conferences around the world. They describe what they do as "Identity Correction". Unlike "Identity Theft", which criminals practice with dishonest intent, "Identity Correction" is the art of impersonating someone in power to publicly humiliate them for conspiring against the public good.