Jakob Jakobsen

Francesco Jodice/Multiplicity Mailand

Born 1967 in Naples, currently lives in Milan. In 1995 he started to work with photography, film, maps and writings; in 1996 he graduated as architect. In 2000 he was a founding member of "Multiplicity", an international network of artists and architects. Among "Multiplicity" projects are: "Tokyo Voids"; "USE: Uncertain States of Europe"; "Solid Sea, Road Map"; since 2004 Professor of theory and practice of the technological image, Faculty of Design and Art at the University of Bolzano, Italy.
Selected Projects
"What We Want". An atlas of social and urban behaviors through fifty world metropolises, Galeria Marta Cervera, Madrid 2003
"The Secret Traces". A research based on the photographic shadowing of unknown people in several cities across the globe. Observing and comparing the lifestyle of anonymous citizens through their daily routines
"100 Stories". One hundred short photo-animations of unaware people spied on while doing meaningless gestures
"Natura". A series of case studies reconstructing criminal or bizarre events that took places in various rural areas around the world. Among which "The Crandell Case", upstate New York, August 2002; "Il caso Monte Maggiore", Caserta, June 2003 with Kal Karman; and "The Mersey Valley Case", Liverpool, July 2004
"The Gift". 35mm short-film written and directed with Sebastiano Jodice, 2003
"The Crandell Case", solo exhibition, Photo & Contemporary, Turin 2003
"The Random Viewer", solo exhibition, Galleria Spazio Erasmus, Milan 2003
"Private Investigations", solo exhibition, Galerie Mudimadue, Berlin 2004
"Hikikomori". Short-film with Kal Karman, 2004
Selected Publications
"Mutations", AA; VV, Barcelona 2000
"Instant City", AA; VV, Milan 2001
"Side Effects", AA; VV, Milan 2002
"USE: Uncertain States of Europe" (Multiplicity), Milan 2003
"What We Want", Milan 2004