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Maria Lind Stockholm

Born 1966 in Stockholm. Since 2005 she is the director of IASPIS (International Artist Studio Programme in Sweden). 2002-2004 she was the director of Kunstverein München where she together with a curatorial team – consisting at different times of Sören Grammel, Katharina Schlieben, Tessa Praun, Ana Paula Cohen and Judith Schwarzbart – ran a programme which involved artists such as Deimantas Narkevicius, Oda Projesi, Bojan Sarcevic, Philippe Parreno and Marion von Osten. The format of a retrospective, or survey, was explored in a one-year long retrospective with Christine Borland 2002-2003, only ever showing one piece at a time and a retrospective project in the form of a 7-day long workshop with Rirkrit Tiravanija. The group project "Totally motivated: A sociocultural maneouvre" was a collaboration between five curators and ten artists looking at the relationship between "amateur" and "professional" art and culture. From 1997-2001 she was curator at Moderna Museet in Stockholm and, in 1998, co-curator of "Manifesta 2", Europe's biennale of contemporary art. Responsible for "Moderna Museet Projekt", Lind worked with artists on a series of 29 commissions that took place in a temporary project-space, or within or beyond the Museum in Stockholm. There she also curated "What if: Art on the Verge of Architecture and Design", filtered by Liam Gillick. Lind was one of 10 contributing curators to Phaidon's "Fresh Cream" book, and she has contributed widely to magazines including "Index", "Site", "Frieze", "Art Monthly" and "Parkett", as well as to numerous catalogues and other publications.