Susanne von Falkenhausen

Alex Foti Mailand

Born 1966, burgundy passport, lives and work in Milano as a temp editor. Media activist for and mailing list, he is an outspoken agitator against the job precarity affecting tens of millions of people in Europe. Founded in 2000, and has been promoter of the MayDay Parade of Italian flex, temp and part-time workers since its inception on May 1st, 2001.
Selected Publications
"ChainWorkers: Lavorare nelle cattedrali del consumo", DeriveApprodi, Roma, 2001 (chapters translated into Spanish by YoMango for Brumaria)
"It's a EuroMayDay!", Posse, April 2004
"PreCog manifesto", co-author,
callout for EURO MAYDAY 004, copywriter, held in Milano and Barcelona,
"Precarity Issue", guest editor, Greenpepper magazine, fall 2004
Middlesex Declaration of Europe's Precariat, co-drafter,