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Sezgin Boynik Prizren

Born 1977 in Prizren/Kosovo, lives in Prizren. Cultural critic, works in Pristina as lecturer for Oriental and Turkish studies. Studied Sociology at Mimar San University of Istanbul and completed his thesis on the subject "Aesthetic-Political Strategies of the Situationist International". As author and editor of art and cultural studies publications, such as "Arta" or "art-ist", he deals with subversive resistance movements during 1970s and 80s Yugoslavia, radical political ideas as well as New Slovenian Art. Besides his work on sociological and political themes, Boynik also writes for music magazines and Fanzines. In 1998, he founded along with his brother Engin, the band "Chapa Churek", which has released two albums: "Sadece Bir Deneyim" (2000) and "Das Musische Experimentalische" (2004).