Inke Arns

B+B (Sarah Carrington, Sophie Hope) London

Founded in 2000, B+B is the curatorial partnership of Sarah Carrington and Sophie Hope. B+B provide a platform for discussion and debate on the role of the artist in society. In addition to exhibitions and discussion events, B+B work with artists and their collaborators in situations ranging from residencies and community-based projects to acts of consultation and activism. B+B believe that artists can disrupt and provoke the institutions and structures around us. B+B argue that art has the potential to change society whilst defending the notion that it should be allowed to do what it does best: ask questions without providing solutions and shift understandings without claiming to empower.
Selected Projects
"Trading Places – migration, representation, collaboration and activism in contemporary art", Pump House Gallery, London, 2004.
"Soft Logics", Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, 2004.
"Art of Survival", Prague Biennale, Prague; Czech Centre, London, 2003.
"B+B at Home", Austrian Cultural Forum, London, 2003.